A history of quality & taste

Day in day out since 1972, with tender loving care, we have been baking our great pizza, with excellent ingredients and a taste to write home about.

It all started back in 1972, when grandfather Antonis opened Moulin Rouge pizza parlour in a Perissos neighbourhood. Antonis’ Pizzaria, as people still call it, was the first pizza parlour in the area and one of the first in Greece. It did not take long for the quality and the taste of our pizzas to win people’s hearts and become a classic treat for them.

Our traditional recipes, our little baking secrets and the respect we showed to our customers have always been behind our success — and this is a recipe we haven’t given up in all these forty years.

We still rely on the same principles and continue to prepare all of our products in our own workroom, making our own pizza dough on a daily basis using our unique recipe. The sauces for our pizzas and pastas as well as our salad dressings are also prepared by ourselves with the best ingredients.

Our fresh tomatoes, the freshly-ground meat, and our top-quality deli meats are some of our simplest secrets...